I organize my personal photo library by Picasa from Google. And I would like to post full albums with photos with a little amount of buttons presses to my WordPress based blog, but I didn’t find something suitable for me from huge count of plugins for WordPress. Whatever I found a script “Picasa2Wordpress” that use Picasa Button API and it’s what I really need. But it wasn’t enough for me. I was need to post post in additional to upload photos, so I Improve the script.


  1. Upload Photos to WordPress blog by Picasa application.
  2. Provide ability to add uploaded photos to exist post/page.
  3. Post new post with photos.

Installation Instructions:

  • Download

    Fix: I found bug in post’s DropDown that showed limited list.

  • Unzip it, and put extracted files (should be 5 files) under your WordPress wp-admin directory.
  • Optionally you can change some setting in a file picasa_post.php.
    • $postCategory - the categories that new post will be added to.
    • $postStatus - the status of new post (draft,publish,pending).
    • $postParent - the parent post id for new post.
    • $galleryTag - the gallery tag that will be automatically added to end of new post.
  • Go to Picasa Button Generator to get your own Picasa button (picasa2wordpress.pbz). This generator can let you define the tooltip in your own language.
  • Put picasa2wordpress.pbz at the root directory of your WordPress.
  • Type picasa://importbutton/?url=http://your.blogs.url/picasa2wordpress.pbz at browser’s navigation bar. Picasa will be launched and install the button automatically.
  • After you confirm to install the WordPress button in Picasa, you may add it to your Picasa panel.

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