I like my Suzuki Splash. The car has lot of advantages, like fuel consumption, big back seats space. However my model does not have AUX socket.

First of all, I checked with local car service, and found that install AUX is pricey: 600 NIS ± $ 173.81.
So, I checked how can I make it by myself. I found Connect2 CTVSZX001 AUX adapter on eBay.

The version is suitable for Panasonic PACR01, PACR02, PACR03, PACR04, PACR05, PACR06, PACR07, PACR08 head-unit (you can found the version on the front panel of your head-unit).
Mine is PACR08.

The package included:
– CTVSZX001 Adapter
– Installation guide
– Head Unit cable
– 2x RCA to 3.5mm plug adapter

The installation guide did not help me at all, I found in internet all information, how to install the adapter.
From instructions that I found, I understood that it is complicated to remove head unit. However there is another way to access to the back connector of head unit.


The easiest way to access to back connector is from the left side of head unit.
There is two variation how to access to back connector, the variations is according to your car wheel side. For right side wheel (UK models like cars) you should remove gloves box, and for left side wheel, you should remove panel under your wheel.

Removing gloves box (right side wheel):
Open gloves box and press in the sides of the glove box. There are two tabs behind the dashboard that hold it in place so you need to push the glove box sides in far enough for these tabs to clear the edge of the dash.

Once you have released the tabs and lowered the front of the glove box, pull it towards you to release the hinges which just clip on.

Removing panel (left side wheel)
The panel under the wheel is hold by clips, so you should just pull the panel towards you and the panel will be released.


Connecting adaptor:
As you can see on back head unit, on previous photo, there is white connector between the aerial plug and the main power&speaker plugs. This the plug that adaptor should be connected to. You can adjust the position of the plug according to photo and easily to fit and just clicks into place.

The adaptor box itself you can put under the head unit, there is free space.

For now I have one another problem, when I connect my iPhone to the adaptor and in same time charge it from lighter, I have ground loop noise, so I found on eBay Car RCA Amplifier Audio Noise Filter Ground Loop Isolator Suppressor.

In addition, I have Belkin bluetooth music receiver that I don’t use at home, so I hope it will fit well as bluetooth adaptor for my car.

There is just one problem with the receiver, to find a cable to connect it to lighter plug. No one provide specification of the plug that suitable for the receiver. However I found on eBay the cable: USB Charging Cable to 2.5×0.7mm DC Tip Plug Connector, and it suit for the receiver very well.

14 Thoughts on “Install Connect2 CTVSZX001 AUX adapter into Suzuki Splash 2013

  1. You are awesome. Helped a lot! Although I think a setup with an external microphone would be preferable so the whole conversation will be clearer on the other side.

  2. Hello,

    I have recently purchased a 2013 Suzuki splash, and I have noticed it doesn’t have USB/AUX input. So I cannot listen to music from my phone!

    Will your guide work for me as well?


    • Mine Suzuki Splash was from 2013. So if your panel looks same, I think it will work for you as well.

      • Thanks!!

        I just got my Connect2 box. I tried to install it, I see the white connector but its blocked and i cant get to it with my hand 🙁 how did you managed to do it?

        • Yes, it is not easy, there is no too much space. There is other wires, so I moved those wires and got enough space to insert this plug.

  3. Hi!
    there is any way that you wiil send me the instructions to remove the head unit?
    i cant get to the connector from the driver side (but i can see it)
    so i need to remove the head unit.


    • I think it is too complicated to remove the head unit. I did not remove mine, the photo that I posted here is from internet, just for reference. I used this photo as reference to find this port.

      • Michal on April 25, 2017 at 10:42 am said:

        It is easy, first pull up the thin black bezel around the shifter, then pull up the shifter cover, then two screws hold the upper thin black bezel along with one clip in the small compartment up on the dash, then pull it forward. tit reveals screws that hold the stereo, air duct and climate ac controls in place…

  4. hello!
    there isn’t an Aux button.. so how can i switch to Aux mode??


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