I organize my personal photo library by Picasa from Google. And I would like to post full albums with photos with a little amount of buttons presses to my WordPress based blog, but I didn’t find something suitable for me from huge count of plugins for WordPress.Whatever I found some script “Picasa2Wordpress” that use Picasa Button API and it’s what I really need. But it wasn’t enough for me. I was need to post post in additional to upload photos, so I Improve the script.


  1. Upload Photos to WordPress blog by Picasa application.
  2. Provide ability to add uploaded photos to exist post/page.
  3. Post new post with photos.

Installation Instructions:

  1. Download
    Version: 1.1: Picasa2Wordpress1.1.zip
    Fix: I found bug in post’s DropDown that showed limited list.
    Version: 1.0: Picasa2Wordpress.zip
    Unzip it, and put extracted files (should be 5 files) under your WordPress wp-admin directory.
  2. Optionally you can change some setting in a file picasa_post.php.
    • $postCategory – the categories that new post will be added to.
    • $postStatus – the status of new post (draft,publish,pending).
    • $postParent – the parent post id for new post.
    • $galleryTag – the gallery tag that will be automatically added to end of new post.
  3. Go to Picasa Button Generator to get your own Picasa button (picasa2wordpress.pbz). This generator can let you define the tooltip in your own language.
  4. Put picasa2wordpress.pbz at the root directory of your WordPress.
  5. Type picasa://importbutton/?url=http://your.blogs.url/picasa2wordpress.pbz at browser’s navigation bar. Picasa will be launched and install the button automatically.
  6. After you confirm to install the WordPress button in Picasa, you may add it to your Picasa panel.

5 Thoughts on “Picasa2WordPress Improvement

  1. Hey There,
    i have tryed to get the button to work on my Leopard + WordPress combination, but so far no luck. I have unpacked the stuff into my WordPress wp-admin directory and installed the Button. but if i press the Publish to WordPress button a window opens, i put in my passwort, but it says: 『Sorry, no pictures were recieved.』 So i cant upload any Pictures to my Blog 🙁
    The mac version of picasa is 3.06 Beta.
    I Went on and tryed it on Vista with picasa 3.1.0 But i had the exact same problem.

    Very strange to me.
    Can you help me out?


  2. I tried to reproduce the bug and was not success. I use it on Leopard Picasa 3.0.6 and on Windows 3.1.0. Till now, I found just one bug, the plugin cann’t upload more then 9-10 photos in one bulk. I didn’t find why it is happening yet.

  3. So i tryed it From my Desktop Laptop .. 3 different Operating systems.
    Maybe my Router is the cause. Or my Centos 5.3 Server is misconfigured. But i checked httpd log, Iptables events and dmesg. But still no Pictures recieved.

  4. valentin on September 29, 2009 at 3:55 pm said:

    No luck 🙁

  5. […] Yuri & Viki Panshin developed it further and made some improvements to it. I recomend using this one, because it adds more functionality to picasa2wordpress. […]

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