I found interesting solution for UI testing, it is iMacros.

But on my site I have captcha when a new user sign in. There is two options to test sign in page is disable captcha for testing time or solve it by some automatic way.
There is exits services that give you ability soleve captcha automatically by iMacros. But all the services is not for free.
I found Captcha Trader the service provide solving captcha by credits that you able to buy or earn by solving other captchas.

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I organize my personal photo library by Picasa from Google. And I would like to post full albums with photos with a little amount of buttons presses to my WordPress based blog, but I didn’t find something suitable for me from huge count of plugins for WordPress. Read More →

Prepare maps for your holidays, your walking, your bike trips, your geocaching… You
can next print them or use them with your GPS!
This utility automatically scrolls, captures, assembles and saves maps (or other window content) from a Web page to a JPG file.
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